Atlas Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

Storm Shelter Showrooms:

Joplin, MO | Tulsa, OK | Oklahoma City, OK

Atlas Safe Rooms is the premier builder of Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms. We are headquartered in Joplin, Missouri, so we know firsthand how important it is to have a safe and trusted place to go for shelter during a tornado or other severe weather.

Given our extensive steel manufacturing experience, we set out to design a storm shelter that is substantially stronger and better built than what is currently available on the market, but still affordable. Our shelters are designed with every type of home and business in mind. Each shelter is modular by design, which is just one of the features of our shelters. What sets us apart:

  • Multiple Emergency Exits
  • High and low airflow vents
  • Secure 3-bolt locking mechanism
  • Grade 1 High-Security Lock
  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Modular Design

Our goal is to have a storm shelter in every home or business. So you have the peace of mind that you, your family, and, if you own or manage a business, your employees are safe during a tornado or severe weather.

We use the terms storm shelter and safe rooms as interchangeable. In reality, it depends on your geographical location. Typically our safe rooms are used predominantly as a storm shelter. We have installed our products as safe rooms, either as a panic room or as a place to secure guns, ammunition, and important documents.

Most importantly, it is capable of being installed in almost any existing home as well as in new construction. This includes any size business as well. We use all precision steel construction (7 gauge thick steel) and can be anchored to any substantial existing garage concrete slab, basement slab, or even outdoor slab.

Atlas Safe Rooms is a proud member of the ATSA, American Tornado Shelter Association which is an organization that helps regulate storm shelter companies and ensuring they are producing and installing quality storm shelters and safe rooms.

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