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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide families and businesses the highest quality storm shelter possible and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Who We Are

Atlas Safe Rooms is the premier builder of Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms. We have 3 showroom locations, Joplin, MO, Tulsa, OK, and Oklahoma City, OK. In addition, our headquarters and manufacturing are located in Joplin, Missouri. For those living outside these areas, we have representatives located throughout the midwest. If you are looking for an above ground tornado shelter outside these areas, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Given our extensive steel manufacturing experience, we set out to design a residential storm shelter that is substantially stronger and better than what was available in the market. We then began building custom commercial safe rooms to accommodate businesses with larger staff. It is important for us to be affordable and competitive without sacrificing quality. Most importantly, it is capable of being installed in almost any existing home as well as in new construction. The safe room is all precision steel construction (7 gauge thick steel) and can be anchored to any substantial existing garage concrete slab, basement slab, or even outdoor slab.

Atlas Safe Rooms is a proud member of the ATSA, American Tornado Shelter Association which is an organization that helps to insure storm shelter companies are producing and installing quality tornado safe shelters.

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Jim Moss Atlas Safe Rooms

Jim Moss


John Hunter Atlas Safe Rooms

John Hunter

VP of Sales

Emily Dunavent Atlas Safe Rooms

Emily Dunavent

Director of Development

Joshua King National Sales Manager Atlas Safe Rooms

Joshua King

National Sales Manager

Earl Spillman Atlas Safe Rooms

Earl Spillman

Sales Manager

John Amis Atlas Safe Rooms

John Amis

Sales Manager

Austin Surber Atlas Safe Rooms

Austin Surber

Safe Room Production Manager

Tommy McHenry Atlas Safe Rooms

Tommy McHenry

Safe Room Project Manager


Frequent Safe Room Questions

Atlas uses Hilti expandable wedge concrete anchors.
Atlas Safe Rooms have been tested at Texas Tech for EF-5 simulated projectile impact testing. Atlas has had multiple 3rd party engineer reviews to reinforce that our shelters meet and exceed required storm shelter codes and standards. Each Atlas Safe Room comes with an American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA) seal of approval.
Atlas Safe Rooms EXCEED all of FEMA’s standards.
Atlas does not offer financing in-house, but we do have a growing list of resources available for your convenience here.
Overturning stability depends on the thickness (mass) of the concrete slab plus the distance the slab extends beyond the footprint of the shelter. Atlas engineering reveals that an 8” slab that extends 2’ beyond the shelter on each side is sufficient. Existing concrete slabs vary in thickness, steel reinforcement and build methods and therefore Atlas Safe Rooms certifies the structural integrity of the shelter alone.
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