A Guide to the Different Home Storm Shelter Types

Every year, severe weather accounts for over 700 deaths in this country.

Destructive storms affect much of the United States. In the Midwest, you are even more at risk of experiencing a dangerous storm. Having a home storm shelter is an important step in staying safe.

Severe weather usually features strong winds. Flying debris is a major hazard that causes deaths and injuries every year.

Home Storm Shelter Types

A home storm shelter can mean the difference between life and death. There are two main types of shelters available, in-ground and above ground.

In-Ground Shelter

The safest and most complete form of protection is an in-ground shelter, sometimes called a “storm cellar.” These storm shelters are underground to limit your exposure to deadly weather. Concrete and steel are used in the construction.

These shelters offer great protection but require space, so you may not be able to get an in-ground home storm shelter. Reaching them during severe weather can take longer as well.

Above-Ground Shelter

An above-ground shelter can protect you from dangerous flying debris even if your home is destroyed. Heavy metal construction makes these structures rugged and strong.

Sometimes called a safe room, these types of shelters are easy to access in the case of severe weather. You must reach protection quickly in a severe weather event, so the accessibility of your shelter will directly impact your chances of surviving.

Above-ground structures are also easier to replace and change. If you have a growing family, your needs could change. Getting a new above-ground shelter will be easier than replacing or expanding your inground shelter.

The Cost of Shelter

Inground shelters will cost you more money. They require excavation and construction. Concrete is also extremely expensive by the square foot.

To have a proper shelter, costs will often exceed $10,000.

Above-ground structures offer excellent protection for less. Having a modular storm shelter means that you can turn anywhere you have a concrete pad into a protected area for your family. Above-ground structures vary in cost but are cheaper than inground shelters.

Home storm shelters are an important investment. Even above-ground shelters can be expensive to install. Financing is available to make sure you get the protection you need.

Severe Weather Is Getting More Dangerous

Severe weather is very dangerous and that danger is now higher than ever. Storms are becoming more severe and can appear in the blink of an eye. Not having protection against a storm can easily result in injury and death.

Don’t risk your safety! Extremes in weather and climate will continue to get worse, and if you live in the Midwest or other storm-prone areas, this is particularly worrying.

Providing your family with a home storm shelter is an investment that’s definitely worth making. Homes can be rebuilt but lives can not be replaced.

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