What is a Microburst?

Any time strong thunderstorms form, microbursts are a possibility. Because tornadoes and microbursts are so hard to predict, you may have a very short time to seek shelter.

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Are Tornadoes Getting Stronger?

Climate change theorists point to severe weather, like tornadoes, as definitive proof of mankind’s effect on the ecology. Meteorologists tell us that improved tools and better forecasting are saving lives when bad storms strike.

But what’s really happening? Who’s right?

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How Do Tornadoes Form?

Tornadoes come from thunderstorms, but only a few will ever produce one. Weather forecasting and warning systems (such as Doppler radar) have improved greatly over the years. But nobody can predict exactly when a tornado will form.

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How to Survive a Tornado

The best way to survive a tornado is to have a well thought-out plan, prepare ahead of time, and make sure everyone knows exactly what to do. The effort is well worth it, because some things just can’t be replaced.

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The Tornadoes of 2021

Tornadoes can form at any time of the year, in most areas of the United States — not just in the region known as Tornado Alley. Make sure you’re prepared.

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