How Do Tornadoes Form?

Tornadoes come from thunderstorms, but only a few will ever produce one. Weather forecasting and warning systems (such as Doppler radar) have improved greatly over the years. But nobody can predict exactly when a tornado will form.

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How to Survive a Tornado

The best way to survive a tornado is to have a well thought-out plan, prepare ahead of time, and make sure everyone knows exactly what to do. The effort is well worth it, because some things just can’t be replaced.

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The Tornadoes of 2021

Tornadoes can form at any time of the year, in most areas of the United States — not just in the region known as Tornado Alley. Make sure you’re prepared.

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Do I Really Need a Tornado Shelter?

You buy car insurance to protect yourself in the event of an accident. In the same way, a storm shelter is your insurance policy in the event of a tornado. Hopefully you’ll never need it. But, when the unthinkable happens, nothing else will protect you as well.

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