Above Ground vs In-Ground: What Storm Shelter Is the Better Option?

A rare nighttime tornado recently rocked Pennsylvania. The tornado seriously injured 6 people as it created a destructive path nearly a mile long. It was so powerful that it sheared off structures at the foundation level and carried large debris for miles. Tornadoes are a common occurrence, especially in the Midwest, and preparation is necessary. Despite a 13-year low, there were 362 tornadoes in … Read More

Will I get Trapped in my Storm Shelter

Have you ever asked yourself, “Will I get trapped in my storm shelter?” When it comes to storm shelter doors the most common perception is that an inward swinging door is safest. People believe this misconception for a couple reasons: 


Isn’t your basement safe enough? John Hunter is back to talk about the differences between sheltering in your basement or in an Atlas storm shelter.

Car Drop Safety Test

We take safety very seriously. That’s our mission. While it is extremely unlikely that you will ever experience a tornado picking up a vehicle and dropping it on your storm shelter we wanted to demonstrate just how resilient our safe rooms are.