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Our Standard Features – Set the Standard

emergency exits

Multiple Emergency Exits

Because each unit is constructed of modular panels, you never have to worry about being trapped inside if the door is blocked from the storm debris.  After installation, two wrenches are left inside the shelter to remove the bolts on any panel, allowing for multiple emergency exits.

atlas storm shelter high low airflow vents

High-Low Airflow Vents

Every two foot section of our storm shelter has both high and low stainless steel screened air vents.  These vents are shielded for debris on the exterior and allow plenty of airflow.

atlas storm shelter locking mechanism

Secure 3 Bolt Locking Mechanism

The “Defender3” Model door on each Atlas Safe Room includes a spring-loaded vault-style handle that allows any user to easily engage the 3 bolt reinforced locking mechanism.

atlas storm shelter security lock

Grade 1 High Security Lock

Each Atlas Safe Room storm shelter comes standard with a Grade 1 High Security keyed lock.  Whether in a tornado, home invasion, or a secure place for valuables, once you enter an Atlas Safe Room, the danger outside will stay outside.

multiple emergency exits and modular design

Modular Design

Each Atlas Safe Room is made with modular panels, which means that each is expandable and relocatable.  As your family grows, your safe room can grow as well.  If you move, you can easily have your storm shelter disassembled to move along with you.

atlas storm shelter indoor outdoor installation

Indoor or Outdoor

Modular design also means unmatched versatility.  Because the above-ground storm shelter is installed in panel sections, it can be carried in one panel at a time and installed virtually anywhere.  The most popular install locations are garages, closets and basements.

What Makes ATLAS Different?

Manufacturing & Testing

Headquartered in Joplin, MO, we understand the importance of having a safe and trusted place to go during severe weather.

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