Pet Kits: How to Prepare for a Disaster for Your Four Legged Family Members

The state of Missouri is famous for its natural disasters. From ice storms to flooding — you name it, this state has seen it.

But, while many know it's going to happen, they still don't prepare themselves for the event. Not only do they not prepare, but many households completely overlook their four-legged family members.

Read on to find out more about pet kits and how to prepare your furry friend for a natural disaster.

Different Types of Disasters That Can Affect Your Four-Legged Friend

Over the years, there have been dozens of natural disasters in the state of Missouri. Unfortunately, these vary depending on the season. Some of the different types of natural disasters that can affect you and your pet include:

  • Floods
  • Ice storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes

Aside from the above natural disasters, reports show there was an environmental disaster in Times Beach in 1971.

Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Natural Disaster

During a disaster, it's easy to panic and forget about the plan you put in place in case of these situations. But, if you want to keep your pet safe, there are some basic guidelines you should follow.

The first one to remember is if it's not safe for you to stay indoors, it's not for them either. Wherever you go, keep your pet with you. Also, if you have an emergency kit, don't forget to pack supplies for your pet too.

How to Prepare the Best Pet Kits

During an emergency, make sure you pack all the necessary items to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Whether you're battling a tornado or a flood, keep your kit somewhere accessible in case you need to leave quickly.

Here are some of the items your kit should include:

  • A strong leash or carrier
  • Food and water
  • Litter pan
  • Medical records and medication
  • A first aid kit
  • A picture of your pet in case they run off

You can also pack a pet bed if it's easy to carry.

Create an Emergency Action Plan

To protect yourself and your pet from a disaster, you need a plan. You should know a safe place to take your pet. Make sure you check which hotels and motels who accept pets in your area. Also, consider staying with a friend or family member in these situations.

Train your pet to come to you and enter their carrier so they're ready in case of an emergency. You must ensure all their vaccines are up-to-date. You may also want to consider microchipping them.

Keep Your Pet Safe With Atlas Safe Rooms

Aside from creating an emergency action plan and packing the right pet kits, you need to know how to overcome the disaster. With this in mind, don't forget to create a plan to help your pet recover from the event.

In the meantime, if you're looking for storm shelters in the Joplin area, contact Atlas Safe Rooms. We offer residential and commercial storm shelters which will keep you and your pet safe during a natural disaster.

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