Severe Weather is beautiful but dangerous

The weather is one of the things that can be incredibly beautiful and incredibly deadly at the same time. Sometimes it is the snow or ice,  sometimes it is the heat, and sometimes it is the beastly supercell tornado producing thunderstorms. Tornadoes are one of the most violent storms.

Many individuals have only seen such storms in movies and think they may never meet on face to face. However, today’s climate is constantly changing, and these violent storms are now appearing even in areas that have never seen one.

The beauty of severe weather

There is really nothing more amazing than being in front of an extremely tall thunderstorm with lightning bolts striking while taking photos or videos, and watching the whole beast churn and twist in the sky to produce a tornado. It can incredibly wonderful and make you feel so small in comparison to the vast beauty of this earth.

Pointing your camera at something which is unbelievable, something that, when it collapses, it will never be seen again, is actually a moment to be remembered, and more significantly, a moment to be shared.

For some, it is a rush to capture captivating frames that showcase Mother Nature at her best. It is not uncommon to see onlookers out on their front porch trying to capture the beautiful storms. Others take their pursuit of these storms to the next level, following them for up to to 1,000 miles. These storm chasers look at various forecast models, then analyze them to select in advance where they believe the beautiful, severe weather will be initiated.

Although the excitement of the chase, being close to storms, filming and watching the magnificence and beauty of the extraordinary power of severe weather may be incredible, you should also know that it is dangerous.

The dangers of severe weather

Admittedly, severe weather is destructive. For instance, tornadoes may be considered the worst type of severe weather, with only floods and hurricanes causing more damages only because they affect larger areas. A tornado can lift and throw your car and demolish your house.

The biggest safety danger of this disaster is being struck by the flying debris that might be traveling at high speed, which means that even small items, like a rock or a nail, can turn into a deadly projectile. After the storm has passed, the piled debris might be weak and can collapse, which presents a different hazard all together. The storm can also break water and gas pipes, creating a flood or fire hazard, or even a risk of poisoning or water contamination.

Lightning is another threat during severe weather. It can strike anywhere, and you can be seriously injured, or killed.

Protection from the beautiful, but severe weather

Because of the various dangers that come with such beautiful sever weather, storm shelters are a good option for protection. Storm shelters are available in many different forms, making them quite versatile in regard to their placement. They can be placed outside your home, inside your home or beneath your home, giving you quick and easy access to your storm shelter, and allowing you to view and document nature’s raw beauty while it is safe, and to quickly shelter when it becomes unsafe.

While, documenting severe weather can be exhilarating, it is undeniably dangerous. If you cannot resist the rush, invest in a storm shelter and have it installed in a location where you can access it quickly. Enjoy the storm from a safe distance, and take shelter before it becomes unsafe.






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