Storm Shelter supply Checklist: 5 Items To Include In Your Tornado Kit

When a storm hits your power may be out for hours or even days. Even a standard storm can cause enough damage to put you in the darkness for a long time. Tornadoes have the potential to knock things out for over a week, which is why a tornado kit is a must-have.

If you live in an area that experiences catastrophic weather every year, you’re going to want to be protected. Even if your city doesn’t see a lot of storms or tornadoes, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worse. Keep reading to learn what items to keep in your tornado kit.

Crucial Tornado Kit Items

If you’ve got a storm bunker or shelter, you’ll want to stock it with the items you’ll need in case of an emergency. There won’t be time to grab everything when the sirens go off, so planning ahead is very important. 

If you’re planning ahead for the bad storm and tornado season, keep reading to learn what to stock your tornado preparedness kit with.

1. Food and Water

This may be the first thing you thought of. If you get hit with a really bad tornado, you may be stuck in your shelter for a while. Food and water should be a priority since you can’t live without it.

You’ll want to aim for about a week of food and water and make sure you plan for enough people. One gallon of water per person per day is generally considered the right amount and all food items should be non-perishable such as canned vegetables. 

2. Clothing

Many people overlook the need for stocking fresh clothes in a tornado kit. If you’re going to be stuck for a few days, it’s nice to be able to change clothes and underwear. If you or your family gets wet or muddy when running to the shelter, dry clothes will help increase comfort and prevent sickness.

3. Medical Supplies

Do any of your family members require certain medications? The last thing you want is for someone to get really sick because their medicine is stuck in the main house where you can’t reach. 

You’ll also want to get a proper first-aid kit. Don’t go with the cheap option here. Find a kit that has enough supplies for everyone and covers all the bases.

4. Important Documents

It’s a nightmare to think about, but if a tornado hits your home directly, you could lose everything. While things can be replaced and the life of your family is the most important, some things like birth certificates and passports make bouncing back much easier.

5. Light and Power

Packing flashlights and batteries for any games or devices you have to keep your kids busy during the storm is a lower priority than other items but should definitely be included. All tornado kits should contain things like phone chargers, lights, and battery-powered radios.

Seek Shelter

A smart family has a storm shelter. If you live in the mid-west you’ve seen what tornadoes can do. Keeping a well-stocked tornado kit is the best way to keep you and your family safe.

If you’re looking for ways to bring more security to your home in case of a storm, contact a professional company that knows how to protect you today.

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