Stormy Weather: 5 Benefits of Above Ground Storm Shelters

When’s the last time you checked out the weather in California? It’s no surprise that there’s been a problem with wildfire’s there lately. In fact, some experts believe the state is becoming unlivable.

With these types of weather events occurring more often, how can you protect yourself? Have you ever considered putting up an emergency shelter?

Securing your safety is only one of the benefits of above ground storm shelters. Read on to learn more about the best advantages. 

1. Protecting Yourself and Your Family

The number one reason you’d want to invest in a shelter is to protect yourself. The point of a shelter is to give you security during emergencies.

Preparing for emergencies is becoming even more important in today’s world. That’s because climate change is only expected to get worse in the coming years. Worsening climate change means more extreme weather events.

2. Saving Your Assets

So, a tornado is on the way, and all your crucial business assets are a sitting duck. Securing this equipment and data is one of the advantages of a business shelter.

You don’t have to risk your own safety attempting to drag out all your property by vehicle. Instead, put critical property in the shelter and get out of harm’s way.

3. Emergency Plan B

When an emergency strikes, we expect to have time to prepare. We are naive to think we’ll have time to pack our bags, get in our car, and drive away from disaster.

Often, this isn’t how it works in reality. Many get stuck amidst a disaster without time to flee. They may also not be able to escape due to flooding roads or other problems.

Storm shelters are the perfect emergency plan b when your primary plan fails. You can access the shelter fast, and you can bunker in until the threat passes.

4. Easy to Install

Above ground storm shelters are way easier to install than below-ground ones. You won’t need to dig out a hole in your yard or move utility lines.

Instead, you’ll only need to find a clear area in your yard to put the shelter. From there, you have to anchor it into the ground to make it effective and secure.

5. It’s Mobile!

Imagine spending years building the perfect under-ground shelter getaway. Then, you’re forced to move due to work or family obligations. Now, you have to leave your shelter behind.

That’s one of the things you can avoid by opting for an above-ground shelter. While it isn’t easy, these shelters can get relocated.

Best Benefits of Above Ground Storm Shelters

These five benefits of above ground storm shelters deserve attention.

Not only are you protecting your property, but you’re also securing your own safety.  You can’t always predict what mother nature will do, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

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