Why Choosing Above Ground Tornado Shelters Makes Tactical Sense

Over 1000 tornados touch down each year in the US. The US has the not so pleasant pleasure of being the country that receives the most tornados.

If you live in Oklahoma or one of the other areas where tornados touch down frequently, you need a storm shelter. Tornados are strong and not something you should take lightly. Not having a safe place to be during a tornado can be the last mistake you ever make.

You may think that a below-ground shelter is the safest place to put a shelter. Let's look at why above ground tornado shelters are a better idea in some cases.

Easy to Access

You don't always have a ton of time when a tornado strikes. Below-ground shelters that are out in the yard or garage can be difficult to get to in time. Plus, you run the risk of being hit by flying debris in the strong winds preceding a tornado.

You can easily place an above-ground shelter somewhere within your home. This is much easier to access when time is of the essence.

Another thing to consider is ease of access for the elderly or someone with a disability. Getting down into a below-ground shelter can be quite the challenge for them. They don't run into the same problems with an above ground one.

Plenty of Exits

It's no secret that tornados leave a mess in their wake. What happens when that mess is directly in front of/on top of the exit for your shelter? The last thing you want to have happen is to be trapped in your shelter wondering how long it will take for help to come.

Above-ground units have several exits so that even if one is blocked, you can get out through another one. You can even create a new one if necessary by removing panels from the inside.

Moveable Unit

Above-ground units are modular, which makes them moveable. This comes in handy if you want to renovate your home. You can easily move the unit to accommodate the changes you're making and still be able to access it easily.

Plus, a modular unit allows you to remove sections. This is handy if you need to create a new exit as we mentioned earlier or replace sections that are damaged during a storm.

It Won't Flood

It is possible for heavy flooding to accompany a tornado. What happens if you are trapped in a below-ground shelter when that flooding comes along?

It is rare, but it does happen. Sometimes people drown trapped inside the very shelter that was supposed to save them.

A Great Option for Tornado Shelters

At first thought, one might think that an above ground tornado shelter wouldn't provide the same safety as a below ground one. After all, a below-ground shelter won't get hit by a flying car.

But modern above-ground shelters are so strong and durable that they can take a lot of abuse before anyone inside will get hurt. Plus, they address some common issues with below-ground shelters, like flooding or getting trapped inside.

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