Will I get Trapped in my Storm Shelter

Have you ever asked yourself, “Will I get trapped in my storm shelter?” When it comes to storm shelter doors the most common perception is that an inward swinging door is safest. People believe this misconception for a couple reasons: 

  • If something is up against the door they won’t be trapped inside
  • An inward swinging door is safer 

In reality an outward swinging door is in-fact, safer. An outward swinging door has a door jam stopping it from swinging in. This helps protect whatever is behind the door, in this case, you and your family. This also ensures that if the door were to fail it wouldn’t collapse in on you or your loved ones. Think of it like this, it takes a lot less force to push in an inward swinging door, than it does an outward swinging door. For added reassurance, Atlas Safe Rooms has one of the best safety ratings in Joplin, Missouri.  (Most companies shoot a 2×4 at their shelters, we dropped a car on ours! You can view that here.) 

An outward swinging door allows you to utilize the entire square footage advertised. Most people don’t consider all the square footage they are losing with an inward swinging door. 

The biggest misconception about an outward swinging door is that if there is something blocking the door you will be trapped inside. What people don’t consider is that if there is debris up against an inward swinging door and they open it unknowingly they are liable to be crushed by whatever is resting up against the door. With Atlas Safe Rooms modular design you are able to unbolt any 2′ panel and still exit the shelter, if debris is blocking the door. 


trapped in my storm shelter


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